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Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
driver and passenger suffered minor injuries. all three suspects were arrested. >>> new york city police say a woman pushed a man in front of a subway train killing him, and now they are trying to track that lady down. witnesses say before the train pulled into the station the woman was pacing back and forth on the platform, talking to herself, and as the train rolled in, she pushed that man out in front of it and ran away. the victim was pinned as the train came to a stop. this is the surveillance video. you can see the woman that police believe may be the suspect, running from the scene. geed you indicators all over the nation are still thinking about the newtown tragedy but one state's teachers are doing a lot more than just think. we'll explain later. >>> but up next, chicago reached a bub i couldn't say mail stone -- a dubious milestone. we'll tell you about it after the break. >>> so far this year afghanistan has had fewer troop casualties than chicago has had murders. chicago reached a total of 500 homicides last night when a 40- year-old man was shot in the head while standing ou
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
city in the state. you had a term for it. >> the devil's weed. >> reporter: and well known dramatic actor bus howard is under siege and at wit's end. >> we had a garden and all of that and now there's nothing. can you see this root action? see how gnarly that looks. this thing actually looks like something in a sci-fi. >> reporter: weeks ago howard cut the stuff to the ground in his yard. it is already back. >> the first day you'll see the shoot come out of the ground and it's approximately like this. the second day it's about a foot tall. the third day it's about 3, 4 feet tall. the fourth day it's over 6 feet. >> reporter: howard is not nearly alone. bamboo grows between houses through fences and spreads like cancer to the next unlucky neighbor's yard. sometimes it even gets through concrete and foundations. residents cut it down to make trellises and gates, but there's always more where that comes from. and now mount rainier is considering a ban to make it illegal to plant this stuff ever again. >> nonindigenous species of anything is just an aberration, be that fish, flora or
Dec 17, 2012 7:00pm EST
, and the city sustained winds of up to 124 miles per hour as they ripped through the islands. thousands of people in fiji moved to evacuation centers. >> i think it's evon. i'm just kidding. i don't know. >> we're not going to let it be an inside joke. you did some checking. it's evon. >> i do not know. >> that was good. >> thank you. when they cross international dateline then they become typhoons. same per ram tear as a -- perameter as a hurricane. >>> it is foggy. high 53. we're still 53. look at that. dew point's in the 50s. winds out of the south at 6. the winds have been southeasterly at 5:00 and 6:00 so the winds have started to shift a little bit. that will take our fog problem away when they pick up a little bit. not bad downtown, six miles. a quarter mile visibility toward baltimore, half a mile at gaithersburg and toward warrenton. take it easy and use your low beams. so the advisory has been expanded to include essentially the entire metro area for loudoun county down to tread distribution burg across to southern maryland, prince george's county. where it was posted earlier
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3